How Ten Hag changed Manchester United

How Ten Hag changed Manchester United

After a cool start at Old Trafford, the Dutch manager turned the Red Devils into an unlikely quad chasing team

Eric Ten Hag’s tenure at Manchester United didn’t get off to the worst possible start. After he lost 2–1 at home to Brighton on the first day, the Reds traveled to Brentford, where he lost 4–0.

The result was treated with the kind of enthusiastic reaction one might expect when United were on the wrong side of baton, with naysayers warning that the club was damaged beyond repair.

But just a few months later, Ten Hag’s team is threatening to sneak into his race for the Premier League title and contend for four trophies. After so many false dawns, United finally look ready to shake off the malaise that has overshadowed Old Trafford for a decade.

This Dutch player introduced discipline, made some clever moves in the transfer market, improved some players who were previously destined for the junkyard, and was the architect of this rather remarkable turnaround. was.

The 2021/22 season has been very tough for Marcus Rashford. It started with tricky injuries, then lost momentum and ended the season with a disastrous 12-match drought in the Premier League.

Truth be told, Rashford appeared unmotivated and uninterested at times and there were big rumors that he could end his United career in the summer.

However, the appearance of Ten Hag changed his destiny. Rashford is arguably the healthiest player in Europe right now. He has scored his 24 goals in all competitions, already surpassing the previous season’s record. Ten Hag’s role in this revival is actually pretty simple. When he first met Rashford, he told him:
“I want to see your smile, I want to see your teeth. There is a lot of confidence and confidence in the team.” .”

Rashford’s improvement is a textbook example of Ten Hag’s impeccable leadership his skills. He regained the striker’s confidence and the idea that he was sold is now completely ludicrous.

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