Time for Trossard! Stuttering Arsenal want Arteta to reveal his ruthless side

Time for Trossard! Stuttering Arsenal want Arteta to reveal his ruthless side

The Gunners have lost five of their six points in the Premier League ahead of Wednesday’s all-important clash with Manchester City.

It took Leandro Trossard just six minutes to beat Brentford. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough for Arsenal to deliver a long-awaited victory, but in January he was the latest indicator of the impact a £25m signing would have.

Trossard has sat on the bench in all three of his matches for Arsenal since arriving from Brighton and Mikel his Arteta continues to believe in Gabriel his Martinelli despite the young Brazilian’s recent stutter. increase.

In many ways, it’s not surprising given how well Martinelli’s performances have been throughout the season, as he is a central player who has propelled Arsenal to a compelling position at the top of his league in the Premier League. It is a sign of the director’s loyalty to the group of.

But that loyalty will have to be put to the test this season more than ever after three games in a row without a win in all competitions. If not, then yes.

“That’s what I always think when I lose with some players,” said Arteta when asked after Saturday’s draw if he thought his players were showing signs of fatigue. “These questions come up all the time when we lose points. It’s amazing how they tried and how badly they wanted it.”

Arsenal weren’t bad against Brentford. They have just met one of the most consistent sides in the Premier League and put in a performance that shows why they have gone 10 games unbeaten in the top flight.

But Arteta’s side was exhausted, unimaginative and even predictable…as they did at Everton the week before. The energy that had characterized Arsenal’s season was not there. Brentford sat low, taking up space and Arteta’s team barely responded.

Martinelli looked unimaginative, as he has done earlier this year, struggling in the limited space allowed by Brentford’s superior defense. Given the number of games he has played for both club and national teams this season, it is understandable. ing.

So Saturday’s game felt like the perfect opportunity for Arteta to give his 21-year-old Arteta a rest. Get him out of range and give Trossard a chance from the start.

However, the Arsenal manager resisted this temptation. He picked the same eleven he lost to at Everton last weekend. In fact, he chose the same XI he has chosen for every league match since the World Cup. Loyalty is there, but maybe too much loyalty. I feel like Arteta is showing it now.

The Arsenal manager said: “We’re trying to make the most of the player resources we have. “So far they’re doing really well. “The players tried, so it doesn’t matter. I look at their body language, their intentions, and how much they want it. You’re in a great place.”

In the first half of the season, Arteta had to play in the same starting line-up due to injury and team size. Even if he wanted to change something, he really couldn’t do it. But now he has the opportunity. The January transfer market gave him that.

So far, though, he seems reluctant to rock the boat, and Arsenal are starting to look somewhat predictable as a result. Every team they meet knows exactly what to expect. Thomas Frank pointed this out after Saturday’s match, stressing the need to double down to nullify the Arsenal winger’s attack.

It will be exciting to see what Arteta does against Manchester City on Wednesday night. only increases the pressure on

But one thing Arteta has shown this season is that he doesn’t give in to outside pressure. If he makes changes it will be on his own terms.

He remained loyal to Brentford, possibly to the detriment of him and his team. Perhaps a ruthless edge is needed to rekindle the Arsenal fire.

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